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Foco Lychee Drink Plus 25Cent Deposit, One-Way Deposit 350ml

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The Lychee Drink by Foco from Thailand is a refreshing and exotic beverage that will enchant your senses. Made from fresh lychees, carefully selected and grown in Thailand, this drink offers an unparalleled taste and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The main ingredient of this delicious refreshment, the lychees, are harvested locally to ensure the best quality and freshness. The lychees are then gently processed to create a refreshing and natural drink that transports you to distant tropical shores with every sip.

Take a break and indulge in the Lychee Drink by Foco. With its unique taste and refreshing character, it is the perfect companion for hot summer days, parties, or simply for relaxing at home. Try the Lychee Drink by Foco and let its exotic flavor captivate you. Buy now and let yourself be transported to the tropical taste of Thailand!

Origin: Vietnam
Shipping weight: 0,45 kg
Content: 350,00 ml
Energy: 187,00KJ / 44,00kcal
Fat: 0g
- of which saturated: 0g
Carbohydrate: 11g
Verantwortlicher Unternehmer: Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & Co. KG, Industriestr. 40-42, 28876 Oyten, Deutschland
- of which Sugars: 11g
Protein: 0g
Salt: 0,04g
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