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Expand your knife assortment with the well-known knives from your holiday in Thailand. Perfect for every occasion, whether you are a cook or a professional. Just don't forget: The blades are very sharp! And reduced; THIS is Asia!

An Asia Food online shop to my taste

Asian culinary world in a delicious assortment

Hm, delicious green tea, delicious pasta dishes and soups!

For ages I have been a fan of the countries of Asia, the people and the Asian diet. Of course I can't remember if I had Asian ready meals when I was a baby, but at a very young age I enjoyed Asian cuisine in restaurants with my parents. There were always rice dishes, noodle dishes, soups and above all great vegetarian Asia dishes.

That's probably why I love Chinese, Japanese or Thai cuisine so much to this day that I could eat them every day. I like to cook for myself and my friends and almost every day we try new dishes together. The world of faraway cuisine is as diverse as the country and its people. I also got to know them personally during my one-year stay in Taiwan. There I deepened my love for the Asian food, as well as culture, customs and customs very closely knowgerlent.